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Brace yourself! This quiz is designed to challenge even the sharpest marketing minds. Do you have what it takes to ace the ultimate test? Prove your prowess.

Every grand tale of loyalty starts with a mere 'hello'. Lead Makers crafts those introductions into legacies.

Sick of the same old fluff that gets you nowhere? Dive deep into the murky waters of mainstream Marketing strategies and what do you find? Predictable tactics and wasted dollars. It's a swampy mess, and let's be blunt: a lot of it is BS.

We're here to shake things up. We cut through the noise, strip away the nonsense, and deliver what others don’t dare to. Want clarity amidst chaos? Precision over vagueness? It's time for a raw, unfiltered lead gen audit. Ditch the mundane. Be audacious. Dive in.

Are you ready
to rethink your Strategies?

In the pulsating world of digital marketing, numbers and emotions often stand in stark contrast to one another. At Lead Makers, we believe that both can harmoniously work together. We understand the discouragement that arises when lead generation expectations aren’t met, especially when the figures behind the scenes remain unknown or misunderstood.

But imagine a world where numbers come alive, tell stories, and serve as clear signposts. Where every click, every conversion, and every opened email isn’t just a statistic, but a chapter in your success story. Yes, numbers are pivotal, but behind those numbers lie real people with genuine needs and desires.

At Lead Makers, we bridge the best of both worlds. We shed light on the intricacies of analytics, allowing you not just to see, but to truly understand. Simultaneously, we champion genuine, heartfelt connections, making your brand tangible and unforgettable. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about generating leads; it's about forging authentic relationships that endure.

Who do we work for?

E-Commerce D2C Business

Think your dynamite products are just getting buried in the e-commerce chaos?
 Time to blow the lid off:

📧 Giant Email Lists but Crickets in Return?
🎯 Retargeting Feels Like Shooting Blanks?
🛍 Conversions Lower Than Your Granny's Sofa?
📢 Brand Voice Doing the Hokey Pokey?
🤝 Loyalty Looking Like Last Season's Trend?

B2B - Lead Generation

Casting those business nets and just hauling in seaweed?
Dive into clearer waters with us:

🏢 Pinged the Receptionist but Not the CEO?
💼 Leads Lukewarm or Just Stone-Cold?
🕰 Sales Cycle Longer Than a Sloth's To-Do List?
💌 Mass Outreach with Personal Touch? Or Just Spam?
💸 Burning Cash on Ads with No Bang?

B2C Lead Generation

Your life-changing wisdom falling on deaf ears?
Time to hit the right frequency:

🌍 Another Needle in the Digital Haystack?
🌟 Dream Clients Playing Hard to Get?
📚 Expert Content Drowning in the Info Deluge?
🖥 Webinar Seats Colder Than the Arctic?
📈 Lead Labyrinth Giving You the Jitters?

The Ordinary is Overrated.
Here's How We Disrupt the Status Quo for You:

Strategic Mavenry

Guidance & Growth

Need a compass in the digital chaos? We're here to mentor, guide, and illuminate the path for you.

How We Work: We're not just consultants; think of us as your strategic co-pilots. We dig deep into your brand, challenges, and vision, crafting a tailored roadmap for success. We mentor your team, provide insights, and monitor progress to ensure you're on the right track.

Why It's Game-Changing: We empower you with the tools and strategies to navigate the digital realm confidently. With our strategic insights, you're not just surviving – you're thriving.

Perfect For: Businesses seeking clarity, direction, and a strategic partner in crime. When you have the manpower but lack the map – we chart the course.


Done-For-You Dynamo

Precision & Performance.

Don't have the time or expertise to execute? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

How We Work: This is where our team goes all in. We take the reins – from ideation to execution, monitoring to optimization. Everything is tailored, tested, and perfected for your brand.

Why It's Game-Changing: With us at the helm, you're free to focus on what you do best. We ensure every aspect of your marketing shines, resonates, and delivers.

Perfect For: Businesses who need hands-on experts to transform visions into tangible results. When action speaks louder than strategy – we're your crew.



Dive in with a crew of rebels who eat, sleep, and breathe ROI! Let's crank up your conversions and drop the mic on your competitors.

Not just any crowd, YOUR crowd. We dial in with laser precision to find and magnetize your dream audience. No fluff, just pure, electric attraction.

Not just ads, but legends in the making! We launch campaigns that blaze across the digital universe, leaving unforgettable echoes and cosmic conversions.

Missed a beat? We don’t! With our killer retargeting jams, we ensure no fan is left behind. They'll come back – for the encore, the sequel, the next big hit.

No blind gigs here. We dive into the analytics pit, tracking every leap, twist, and shout. Making data not just insightful, but downright enchanting. Rocking ROI with every note.



Join forces with the renegades who've turned Email & SMS into an art of rebellion. Watch us electrify your retention game and set the stage ablaze!

Your audience ain't static; neither should your list be! We craft wicked sign-up forms to pull 'em in. More eyes, more loyalty, more riffs and raves!

Your customers? They're on a journey. We craft the beats and rhythms with automated flows that scream personal touch. Elevate experiences, smash those revenue notes.

No silent fans here. We churn electrifying content, segment like rockstar maestros, and keep your crowd wild, engaged, and wanting encores!

We don't just test; we stage dive into the data pit. Exploring, jamming, and tuning the chords for that perfect performance. Let's geek out and rock out!

Tracking & Analytics


Dive deep with the anarchists of data. We don't just 'track' — we dissect, decode, and dish out the truth. Embrace clarity in a world of noise. Let's rock those numbers!-

Not just numbers, but narratives! We sift through the maze, extracting golden nuggets of insight from heaps of data. Understand your crowd, down to their last headbang.

Why just track when you can rock? We lay down tracks that amplify conversions, turning passive listeners into raving fans. Every click, a standing ovation.

Ditch the static; embrace the symphony. Our tools and techniques turn mundane metrics into harmonious hits. Chart-toppers, every single time.

Never just a one-hit-wonder. We continuously tweak, adapt, and encore. The show must go on, and with us, it's always evolving, always groundbreaking. Encore after encore.

Hey there, rule breaker! 🤘 Brace yourself because in just a few days, this spot will be rocking a video that's more rebellious than a punk rock concert.

Trust us, you won't want to miss it. So keep circling back - we've got some surprises in store for you!

Brave enough for real results?

By now, you've probably made up your mind (we know we're irresistible). But just for kicks, and because we genuinely enjoy giving shout outs to some wonderful folks, here's the 'usual' stuff you'd expect at the bottom of a standard agency page. Dive in, if you're into that sort of thing!

Behind the Amps

Jan Kutschera

Jan Kutschera

Jan Kutschera

Founder & Punkrock Marketer

Venturing into the vast digital cosmos, Jan Kutschera didn't just become another player; he became a trailblazer. With a penchant for challenging the conventional and a drive to redefine norms, Jan has consistently forged paths where others saw barriers. Behind Lead Makers isn’t just a leader, but a visionary, determined to bridge the divide between brands and their audience. Dive in deeper, and discover the pulse that keeps Lead Makers ahead of the curve.

Sandra Fix

Project Management, Data & Quality Assurance

Meet the maestro of organization, the virtuoso of validation – Sandra Fix. While some might see project management and quality assurance as a series of checkboxes, Sandra sees a symphony. With a penchant for programming, an obsession with Excel, and a passion for Airtable, Notion, Asana, you name it, she doesn't just manage projects; she engineers masterpieces. Ensuring every piece falls seamlessly into place, Sandra’s grasp over data ensures our strategies aren't just innovative – they're bulletproof. Dive deep into the Lead Makers universe, and you'll find Sandra at its core, making sure every cog in our machine is turning harmoniously. If you've ever wondered how we stay so consistently on point, you've just met your answer.

Meet Our Dynamic Rebellion:
The Lead Makers Crew

Dive into the eclectic mix that powers Lead Makers. From razor-sharp copywriters and visionary designers to video editing maestros and performance marketing whizzes, we've got the full deck.

Toss in analytics gurus, audacious punk rockers, and whatever mad genius we need to get the job done – that's us.

And hey, our spirit of collaboration doesn't stop within these walls. We're continuously amplifying our mojo by teaming up with an ever-expanding network of the finest freelancers out there.

Together, we're redefining the rules of the game.

Brands Rocked &
Stages Dominated By Our Founder: / / / autoscout24 / BEAM - BERLIN / BIA - Berlin Innovation Agency / / BITS - Die Unternehmer-Hochschule / Campixx / Cardelmar / Content Marketing Conference / / eBay / eBay Kleinanzeigen / Ebuero / / Funnelhacking Live / Holmes Place / / IAA / iBusiness / Immobilienscout24 / immonet / Käuferportal / kawaloo / / Köhler Innovative / Laura Seiler Life Coaching / Lecturio / macromedia hochschule für medien und kommunikation / MAHLE / Mailbutler / / medizinio / Medizintechnikmarkt / Mieterengel / / / / / NEOCOM / / NOMADBASE / Questico / RTL II / / s'oliver / Scoyo / Sense Media / SEOCruise / SEOkomm / SES / Smartchecker / Smava / SMX / Sofatutor/ / / Stiftung Warentest / Strato / SXSW / Viversum / Welt Online / Witschi Kissen / Zeit Online and many more.

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